Interested in Sustainability? Join our WALK & TALK?

By: Textile Pioneers, Copenhagen
April 12, 2021


We are introducing a series of monthly walk & talks.



We’d like to share our knowledge, and opinions, on all subjects related to sustainability. We’d also like your take on sustainability.

We often hear that Government should introduce more restrictions and regulations to push the sustainable agenda, but is this the way we want to go? Could we ourselves push the sustainable agenda by making small changes, one step at a time?

Perhaps you are looking for inspiration to lead a more sustainable lifestyle or wanting to share the changes you have made to become more sustainable.

Perhaps you are a student wanting to learn more about running a sustainable business, perhaps you’re a buyer looking to source sustainable alternatives, perhaps you’re a CEO looking for input to change your strategic agenda towards sustainability or perhaps you are an expert wanting to challenge our ways.


No fixed agenda, no subject to small, no topic to big. Let’s just see where the talks take us.

Spots are limited, so sign up now if you’d like to join.


Place and time

The first three walk & talks will be in Copenhagen, and we’ll meet at our offices in Frederiksberg 9:00am.

The dates are:

Thursday April 29th

Thursday May 27th

Thursday June 24th 

The address is H.C. Oersteds Vej 70, st 3, 1879 Frederiksberg.

Sign up

Of course we’ll consider all covid restrictions, and spots are limited to each session.

Sign up now to secure your spot by simply sending an e-mail to

We look forward to taking a walk with you!


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