We make clothes from different kinds of waste materials

Below we’ll give a few good reason as to why we’ll use these fibers for your private label production

It’s not an easy process, and each material requires extensive testing and development – Some fibers take us several years to ensure high-quality, durable garments for you


Recycled cotton

Our recycled cotton is made in India from left-over materials and cotton scraps in textile factories. 

Cotton is the most damaging crop in the world for the environment and humans. Huge amounts of water and pesticides are used in the production. To make a cotton t-shirt it takes 2.700 (!) liters of water.

Therefore, we can’t let cotton left-overs go to waste.

We make recycled polyester from single use rPET bottles collected from the nature – basically old water and soda bottles.

The rPET bottles we use are collected by local people in the villages around the factory in India. We provide a steady income for these families and prevent plastic to go into the oceans or be left in the nature.

Recycled polyester

Banana plants

We also make garments out of waste from the banana industry in our partner factories in India. We don’t use the bananas themselves – they are obviously used for food. But the vegetable waste from the plants can be made into fibers and yarns.

We love the lightweight, soft and silky feel of these garments. All organic and natural.

As Pioneers we prefer recycled materials, BUT this particular type of cotton farming is interesting to us since it is a more sustainable choice than ‘normal’ organic cotton.

It’s grown all year around as opposed to normal organic cotton that is usually only grown during the winter. With authentic organic production, the farmer can get a higher yield from a more fertile soil, since the crops do not exhaust the fields.

All our cotton fibers are GOTS certified.

Authentic organic cotton

Post-consumer denim fibers

When it comes to recycled denim we can offer post-consumer denim.

This recyled post-consumer denim is made from European textile waste; worn out jeans and surplus stock.

We turn these valuable and durable fibers into new clothes, keeping them in the loop. 

We offer natural dyes made from waste, just as our garments. We can get beautiful colors from marigold flowers, pomegranate shells, indigo leaves, just to mention a few.

The garments are dyed without any use of chemicals or binding agents, such as salt and alkali. See below picture for examples of what kind of result we can acheive.

Natural dye


We never stop exploring new waste opportunities. Make sure to get the latest news and innovations.